Janko Williams is a Seattle based freelance photo retoucher specializing in advertising, fashion and beauty retouching.

Amazon logo testimonial

"Janko is basically a wizard, making the impossible come true. He has a sophisticated and subtle approach to retouching, ensuring that every detail is given the utmost attention. He approaches every job we give him with a confident, collaborative, and responsive tone. His files are always clean, organized, and flexible, so that we can easily adapt them to our different publishing channels. It is always a delight to work with Janko."

Katy Kennedy - Art Director, Kindle Marketing, Amazon.com

Tether logo testimonial

"Janko has been an incredible partner over the years, helping us bring to life our creative visions. He is uniquely collaborative, and brings great passion and focus to his work. The subtleties of light and transparency are areas that Janko's work really shines - he can translate ideas into powerful visual statements, and breath a sense of dynamic energy into images.

Communication with Janko is fluid and effortless, he can seamlessly switch between technical and creative modes - it feels like he can intuit were you are trying to go. Brought into the process early from pre-pro with the photographer and initial shot list development, Janko can partner with you to bring your images to life."

Daniel Petrzelka - Design Director, Tether

Deloitte logo testimonial

"Whatever I can dream up, Janko can make it better. I've gotten to the point where I can't publish work unless it passes through him first. You're making a mistake if you only use Janko for retouching, he also creates and that's where his real talents lie."

Matt Lennert - Senior Manager & Creative Director, Deloitte University Press